Seaco Docks at The Forks Historic Port

The Forks Port, Forks Historic Site, Red and Assiniboine Rivers, Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Forks Historic Port is located at the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers where people have been gathering for thousands of years. Here is where the water’s level and current can fluctuate from a high in the spring to a much lower, gentler level as the summer progresses. Seaco Marine was hired to design a variety a docking systems, wood and aluminum, to work with these extreme situations and enhance the unique layout of The Forks Port.

The new docking systems were expected to add to the popularity of The Forks Port as a water destination, improve commerce and be more attractive to a local and international audience. To do this, the docking systems would need to accommodate large groups of people, consider their safety, and provide sufficient accessibility for the elderly, persons with disabilities, be boater friendly and withstand the fleet of powered tour boats and rental enterprises.

Seaco Marine designed, engineered and installed a customized aluminum docking system with seven, 8 by 20 foot sections interconnected with solid pin hinges, to reduce flexing at the dock connections and provide an almost seamless 140 feet of cedar deck surface. The entire structure is suspended over the water by field-tested Seaco Marine dock floats maintaining a consistent, watercraft friendly profile. Three extra-wide custom welded aluminum gangways extending from The Folks massive concrete pier out to the dock edge provide public access to the docks. Anchoring is provided at key points along the docks length adding stability and rigidity for heavy use, boat mooring and adverse weather conditions.

This modified version of the Seaco Marine L6.0 system allows easier seasonal removal and re-installation after winter storage and faster disconnect in the event of a flood or for repair. The recessed decking protects the exposed edges for a clean contemporary look and reduces marine traffic damage. Integrated bumper inserts add to the durability of the dock’s edge, and are non-marring to boats. It also improves boaters’ safety when docking.