Seaco Marine L6 Minaki Marina, Minaki, Ontario

Minaki Marina, Minaki, Ontario, Canada

Located in the heart of Northwestern Ontario’s famous sport fishing country, Minaki Marina provides essential services for many of the local tourist operators and cottage owners in the area. The Marina is the hub of Minaki’s main harbour sharing the waterway and carries groceries, fuel, bait and fishing equipment. The harbour’s marine traffic is busy with various kinds of fishing boats and pleasure boats most suited for the Winnipeg River system and the great water body of Big Sand Lake.

Seaco Marine’s capable L6.0 aluminum floating docking system was a natural choice for the rivers’s annual meter of water level change and the harbours deep water location. The L6.0’s tough commercial construction and solid pin hinge system ensures greater stability and user safety in the adverse wind conditions of the marina’s location. The dock’s design and lightweight, modular construction allowed for the first phase in the summer of 2016 and now a future expansion is in the planning stage.

The entire marina consists of 500 feet of hinge locked eight by twenty foot aluminum sections with eight commercial grade dock floats per dock that is stationary to the river’s bottom with intervals of weighted anchoring. Twenty finger docks, four by twenty feet, provide the Marina with forty boat slips and provide additonal seasonal revenue. Two aluminum gangways, equipped with safety railing and non-slip decking, allows people of all abilities to use the dock system. The railing is part of the gangways structure and keeps the bridge from bowing when presented with a heavy load. Douglas Fir decking, dock cleats and non-marring boat bumpers add to the appeal and functionality of Minaki Marina’s installation.