Seaco Marine Pangnirtung Harbour

Pangnirtung Harbour, Pangnirtung Nunavut in the Cumberland Sound

Winning the bid to help develop Pangnirtung Harbour’s Small Craft Harbour docking needs in Canada’s far north was an exciting and challenging project commissioned by the Government of Canada and the community of Pangnirtung. Between 2013 and 2018 Seaco Marine built three two hundred foot docking systems to meet the challenges of extreme tidal action, in Pangnirtung, Nunavut in the Cumberland Sound, with proven dock design knowledge, planning and execution experience.

Pangnirtung Harbour’s fishery was depending on Seaco Marine to provide the right floating dock solution to meet the demands of the harbour’s twenty-foot tides and challenging climate to establish a successful year round commercial fishery. The future of the community was at stake and a docking system equal to the task was required. From research and experience Seaco Marine determined a hybrid “timber frame” wood dock system would best suit the project’s demands.

The process required Seaco docks meet strict manufacturing commitments from pre-assembly for inspection at the Winnipeg, Manitoba plant, to special preparation for shipping, kitting and packaging for reassembly by local contractors upon delivery. Seaco Marine determined the superior strength; durability and natural longevity of British Columbia’s mighty Douglas Fir would meet the demands of Pangnirtung’s environment. Full three by eight inch dimensional “timber frame” lumber would provide the structural demands throughout the docks while two by six inch Douglas Fir would provide an extremely tough deck surface.

Pre-drilled, fully assembled, inspected and approved in Winnipeg, the individual docks sections were then crated with their corresponding hardware and instructions and trucked to the Port of Montreal for sea transport to Pangnirtung Harbour. Contractors from the Pangnirtung community perform full assembly of all sections and their connections. Each two hundred foot dock required six anchoring systems by Seaflex Mooring Systems tethered to its own six by six foot by one foot concrete anchor (5000 lbs) on the ocean floor.