Timber Frame Dock

Timber Frame

The Seaco wood dock has been the foundation that has enabled Seaco to grow and proudly offer an ever expanding number of products and services to suit the demands of cottage, residential and commercial dock applications.

Our Timber Frame docks are made from the durability and natural decay resistance of Douglas Fir from companies certified in Sustainable Forest Management practices and are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of floating dock environments. Common dock sizes can be coupled into a number of configuration options with half-inch galvanized hardware for superior corrosion resistance and strength for reliable long-term connections in the harsh environmental demands of Canada’s Arctic to the splendour of Canada’s cottage areas.

Standard Series Wood Dock and Semi Floating Ramps, Built

Lengths 16′, 20′ x Widths 4′, 6′, 8′
Semi Floating Ramps
Lengths 16′, 20′ x Widths 4′

Special Series Wood Docks and Semi Floating Ramps, Built – Versa Floats

6′ x 12′, ie., 2 kits – make 6′ x 24′ or 12′ x 12′
Semi Floating Ramps 
Lengths 12′, 16′ x Widths 4′

Commercial Fisheries Style 3″ x 8″ Timber Docks, Built – Douglas Fir

Lengths 16′, 20′, 22′ x Widths 6′, 8′, Lengths 24′ x 6′, 8′, 10′
Finger Docks
Lengths 16′, 20′, 22′ x Widths 4′

Commercial Heavy Duty WhiteFish Style 3″ x 8″ and 4″ x 8″ Timber Docks, Built – Douglas Fir, Two Tier

Lengths 26′ x Widths 9′