Aluminum dock system for the Forks Port in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dock System Consulting and Engineering

Seaco Marine has also completed a wide range of marine and freshwater assignments on coastlines, rivers and lakes across Canada for private companies, individuals, First Nations and government agencies.

In Nunavut, tidal ranges of almost 9 metres has meant that the waterways couldn’t be accessed for much of the year for food, fishing and ultimately, survival. Seaco’s evaluation resulted in a unique, staged solution that is extending the fishing season even when water levels fluctuate dramatically.

Closer to home, Seaco worked with Manitoba Conservation and Brokenhead Ojibway Nation to design and install a mile-long floating walkway that provides easier accessibility to the marsh and water system without harming the environment. This exceptional solution garnered Seaco a Large Scale Public Landscapes Design Award.

Ongoing research is critical to Seaco Marine’s success. Starting in January 2018, it will be conducting extensive testing of its aluminum and galvanized steel continuous breakwater/wave attenuation docking system with the National Research Council of Canada.

Seaco’s approach is captured in three words: Plan, Partner, Proceed: Meeting with clients all over Canada to identify and plan for their individual challenges; partnering with experts and environmental stewards in all jurisdictions to ensure solutions are viable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing; and proceeding to deliver the results its partners are looking for in their commercial and residential waterfront communities.  

Seaco Marine clients include:

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Nunavut-Pangnirtung Harbour Marina, Nunavut
  • Parks Canada
  • Clear Lake, Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba
  • Manitoba Conservation and Brokenhead Ojibway Nation
  • Manitoba Hydro/South Indian Lake Fisherman’s Association
  • City of Winnipeg – Red River/St. Vital Park/Provencher Bridge/Crescent Drive Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • The Forks Market, Winnipeg, Manitoba

A proud Manitoba company since 1990, Seaco Marine maintains its level of expertise through its full-time staff of experienced professional and technical personnel, and through continuing research and development and application of new technologies.