Wood dock with bumpers and rub rails

Dock Accessories

Seaco stocks a variety of galvanized hardware for dock building and dock kits. Dock bumpers add that extra protection for your dock and boat, are easy to install, durable and provide finished look to your dock. Seaco dock bumpers and rub rails won’t scratch or mar boats and provide high visibility day or night.

Dock Corner Cushion

Made with marine-grade PVC with UV inhibitors, our 10” dock corners are available in non-marking white or black.

Rub Rails

Available in either a P-shape or D-shape, our resilient PVC bumpers will not crack, rot or deteriorate when expose to extreme temperatures. They are also unaffected by oil, gas or saltwater, and have UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and deterioration from sunlight. Fungicide is also added to the material to resist mold and mildew formation. All styles come in 10 foot lengths, in white PVC.

Works great with Seaco Dock Kits or other wood docks.