Seaco tree frog fishing lure

Tree Frog Fishing Lure

Seaco’s custom made fishing lure is inspired by that wonder of nature the Grey Tree Frog. An amazing creature that adapts to the land with ease and thrives in the most unusual places. During spring, the Grey Tree Frog can be heard in great numbers mating around marsh and spring run-off filled areas. Their ability to camouflage their colour can be surprising, a bright lime green in vegetation to mottled grey patches on rock, metal or deadwood. We choose the Grey Tree Frog to get the attention of bass, pike or walleye that live in the waters near your Seaco dock. 

At Seaco Mariine we encourage “catch and release” practices in the hope the habitat around your dock stays natural for many years to come. 

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3.5″ and 5″ Size Spoons