Seaco Marine at Crescent Park Drive Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Crescent Drive Park, on the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Access to Winnipeg’s meandering rivers has not always been easy or even safe with spring always an uncertain time because of flooding. Water levels can rise ten to twelve feet in a matter of days. Winnipeg’s all-inclusive river access program has opened its waterways to fishers, boaters, kayakers and canoe enthusiasts at Winnipeg’s Crescent Drive Park.

Seaco Marine’s robust L6.0 aluminum floating docking system was a natural choice for the boat launch at Crescent Drive Park. The L6.0’s tough commercial construction and solid pin hinge system ensures greater stability and user safety in adverse conditions. The dock’s design and lightweight, modular construction allows for the addition of more docking, easier seasonal removal and scheduled maintenance.

The floating dock consists of one, eight by twenty foot aluminum section with eight commercial grade dock floats that is anchored to a massive concrete abutment on the river’s edge via an eighteen-foot gangway. Special bracing arms and a cable, attached to the gangway, hold the dock against the current and can rise or fall with the river’s changing water level. The aluminum gangway, equipped with safety railing and non-slip decking, allows people of all abilities to use the dock. The railing is part of the gangways structure and keeps the bridge from bowing when presented with a heavy load. Cedar decking, dock cleats and non-marring boat bumpers add to the appeal and functionality of this river access installation.