Renovating or Planning a New Dock

How far in advance should I plan my dock project?

Stocked products can often be delivered within 1-3 week time frame and are typically available for pick up within a day or two. Custom projects should be planned well in advance. Time frames are affected by several factors such as demand, manufacturing, and weather conditions.

What if I need the dock Installed?

Stocked installations have typically 2-4 week lead time depending upon weather conditions.

How do I get an estimate or proposal?

We can often provide an estimate based on initial information obtained about your recreational needs and your site from our questionnaire. A final proposal is prepared once a site visit is performed to confirm the necessary details.

Do you provide site visits to recommend dock placement?

In most cases we try to provide a cost prior to visiting your site. However, there are situations that require a site visit in order to determine your needs prior to providing an estimate or proposal.

Who handles dock, boathouse, building permitting?

Some projects may require a permit, depending on the scope of the project and the body of water involved. This is the customers responsibly.

What if I need my dock removed and installed seasonally?

Seaco offers seasonal service on our products throughout Manitoba. Please call for more information as a number of factors influence pricing.