Seaco wood docks have been the foundation that has enabled Seaco to grow and proudly offer an ever expanding number of products and services. By continually refining our commercial docks we proudly offer a superior product that enhances any marina project where wood docks are necessary.

Robust hardware and hinges ensure a stable dock that will make spending time by all users enjoyable for years to come. Seaco offers a numbers of common dock sizes that can be configured into a myriad of configurations and floatation options based upon the size and requirements of your operation. To best serve your needs please feel free to contact us any time: seaco@seacomarine.com.


Seaco Timer Frame docks are engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of both situational and commercial environments. Seaco Marina-Style Wood Docks utilize 3" x 8" timbers and 1/2" Galvanized Hardware for superior corrosion resistance longevity and strength.


Seaco Ace Floats are comprised of rotational molded food grade polyethylene. These are then filled with expanded polystyrene making our floats completely recyclable. With numerous floatation choices finding the right float for your size project is easy.


Heavy-duty 1/4" galvanized steel inside and outside corner plates as well as 1/2" steel hinges ensure strength and mass to provide longevity and stability for moored vessels and dock-side operations for years to come.