Aluminum docks: Seaco Marine is proud to offer Shore Master aluminum docks, boat lifts and launches, as well as accessories.

Spend more time enjoying your waterfront with the infinity series of standing docks from ShoreMaster. The infinity series of standing docks from ShoreMaster feature stainless steel and brass hardware for exceptional durability. It allows for unlimited layouts. Installation and removal is fast and easy. Infinity docks require only a few tools, and in some cases no tools at all to layout and install the dock you desire. Infinity docks by ShoreMaster also feature the exclusive quick connect system, making it fast and easy to add or remove ShoreMaster accessories.

The Infinity series of standing docks give complete control over your waterfront lifestyle. The Infinity series features the finest quality aluminum components and require only a few tools to assemble, sections can be arranged to meet your changing needs or conditions. ShoreMasters Infinity series curved dock sections allow for a more organic appearance and vastly increase the number of configurations that can be created.


Seaco's new commercial aluminum dock system, Sea Level 6.0 6 has been specifically designed to meet the shortcomings of traditional welded dock frames while providing a robust near maintenance free system.

Sea Level 6.0 is a clean sheet modular system that encompasses a series of features that provide the customer with the ability to rapidly change, expand, or scale marina layouts.

Sea Level 6.0 is based on a propriety extrusion and a patented fastening system making our system very rigid. These lightweight sections are comprised of T6016 aluminum, our unique internal structure and proprietary fastening method enables the easy addition of accessories, hinges, and gangways, all with minimal tools. This system was designed to be assembled with as few tools as possible. Our corner design and assembly method ensures consistent alignment and dock frame squareness.

Sea Level 6.0 was designed to work with panelized wood or composite decking with dock frame sizes available in 4, 6, and 8ft. widths with lengths up to 30ft.


Seaco Marine is pleased to offer Shore Master Aluminum docks, boat lifts, launches and accessories.

The Shore Master Commercial and Residential feature stainless and brass hardware for durability and corrosion resistance.

ShoreMaster docks require a minimum of tools and can be arranged into a variety of layouts. ShoreMaster's quick connect system enables easy attachment of ShoreMaster accessories. Infinity curved dock sections allow for an increase in layout options.